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Why Rent a Self-Drive Car?

Rental car has taken a high road in the UAE in the past few decades. Many prefer to travel by rental cars than driving their own vehicle. Tourists and first-time visitors had to rely on Metros, buses, taxies and other local transport, making their journey a bit difficult. Best car rental services have evolved as saviors for tourists and first-time visitors. The easy access, well-maintained cars and online bookings have made travel around the UAE easier and fun for both locals, tourists and business men. Apart from wasting your time on entering and exiting the stations of these local transports, you also are going to lose a lot of money in hiring the cabs. And being constricted because of these transportations is another factor that never lets you enjoy your journey fully. After spending months cooped up in our homes, a refreshing drive is sure to give our body and soul a good stretch! It is also a great way to spend some quality time with loved ones, without spending too much money.


Here are some really strong reasons to recommend the idea of going for car rentals in the UAE:


  • Convenience:


Renting a car is as easy as booking a cab. You can get an online car booking in minutes and get your desired car delivered to your doorstep! Moreover, you get extra services like assistance, a sanitized vehicle and autonomy. There are many cars for self-drive available and you can choose from a variety of options, instead of being ‘stuck’ with a company provided cab. Take a short trip out of the city or go on a full-fledged expedition, a self-drive rental car will give you all the fun and privacy at the right price.


  • A car for every budget

Many car rental services offer an exquisite car lounge, a car suited for every budget and journey. The customers of best car rental services in UAE experience more than a car equipped with GPS tracker, emergency car kit, and safety majors.


  • Freedom & Flexibility:


If you like driving and when you’re on the wheel in a car of your choice, even a tedious business trip can become an ethereal experience! When you rent a self-drive car, you can choose to take any route you like, discover hidden paths and trails and enjoy the journey at your own pace. It gives you autonomy, rarely found in other modes of travel.


  • No stress of car maintenance

Professional car rental services follow a strict schedule of car servicing and maintenance. They have up-to-date car insurance covering physical damage.


  • Fuel policy Options

Car rental companies provide different sorts of fuel policies to choose from. Choose the best fuel policy option so as to make sure you get the best at the cheapest. Some rental car companies will require you to return the car with the same amount of fuel it had in the tank at pick-up. Others operate a fuel policy where you, the renter, must purchase the first tank of fuel and may drop the car off empty – in which case, there may be no refund for unused fuel.


  • Discover more and save time

Travelers are limited when traveling around with public transport. You can see more attractions if you have a car. Driving in a city makes you feel you are part of it. Getting around with a car is faster than public transport. Less time spent for transportation will result directly in more time for discovering.


  • Doorstep delivery and return

When you opt for a car rental, you just don’t get a car, but you get the same at your convenience. This is totally opposite to the cabs that you have to hire or the public transport that you commute by. But when you are renting a car, you can let the company know whether you want it at the airport or at your hotel or at some other place that is near you.

The freedom of seeing a new destination with a self-driven vehicle is the best way to travel. It brings you greater flexibility and helps you reach those off the tourist trail places. It’s also more comfortable and easier to carry your luggage. Every self-driven journey requires the right car, and the trend is to do an online car booking, get a car on rent and drive off to pristine locations. These are only a very benefits of renting a self-drive car as there are so many more. Once you get used to the smart you will stick on to it.